Workers Party at the Big Day Out

Daphna Whitmore

The sign said “Rage against capitalism”, and people were in the mood to do just that. Workers Party comrades signed up 109 new members at Auckland’s recent Big Day Out. Concertgoers signed up steadily from 8am until 1pm non-stop. At times there were small queues waiting to sign and pay the membership fee.

We were really struck by the good political responses from people. They were signing up with some political consciousness, not just to be nice. There was quite a “good on you” sentiment about the place.

A couple of people (separately) asked us what our position on the monarchy was. They were anti-monarchy. Quite a few were happy we were communists, Marxists, radicals etc. The good thing about the crowd yesterday too was that they were mostly working-class and mostly under 30. People from Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Wellington joined, as well as lots from other smaller cities and towns.

Later on, at the Police concert, a further 30 people signed up to the Workers Party and one made a $50 donation to the cause.

The Workers Party is on track to gather the 500 members required to get the organisation on the party list to contest the general election this year. That will be the first time New Zealand voters will have the alternative of party voting for a socialist organisation in every electorate.

If you want to help make workers’ issues high-viz this election, please get in touch with the Workers Party contact person in your area.

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