Marxism 2008: Call for Papers

Marxism 2008: May 30-June 1, Auckland City, New Zealand
(Schedule and venue to be announced)

From May 30 to June 1, the Workers Party of New Zealand will be holding its 6th annual educational conference, Marxism 2008, in Auckland.

The conference will be particularly important this year because, for the first time, the Workers Party will be registering as a political party to stand in the national general election on the party list. This is the first time in New Zealand history that a revolutionary socialist option will be on the ballot paper in every part of the country.

The Workers Party invites militant activists and intellectuals, particularly international guests, to participate in the conference and we hope that there will be talks by international guests. We encourage those who wish to deliver presentations to contact us before April 1 2008 for consideration.

Please contact Phil Ferguson by emailing

Guest speakers at previous conferences have included:

Dennis Maga (Free Ka Bel Movement and KMU)
Anthony Main (Socialist Party Australia and Melbourne Unite)
Coral Wynter (Democratic Socialist Perspective Australia)
Tom Buckley (Socialist Worker NZ and Unite Union NZ)
Mike Treen (National Director of Unite Union NZ)
Don Carson (Broadcaster, Wellington Palestine Group)
Radha D’Souza (Law lecturer and former public interest lawyer in India)
Rosie Brown (Veteran campaigner for NZ citizen rights for
Alani Fisher Taione (Tongan democracy activist)
Rod Prosser (Film-maker, Philippines Solidarity Network)
Sarah Helm (KMU solidarity)
John Minto (formerly Halt All Racist Tours)

Talks from Marxism 2007 archived here

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